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Friday, 11 March 2016

In this era of competition, it is very important for a business to create its brand because that is something which is going to give you an edge above the others. In order to reach to your customers, you should be able to have your brand communicated them with the help of your logo. Just by having your logo design printed on your custom made boxes can actually help you take your business to higher levels.

Given below are six ways in which you can use your custom made boxes with logos which are effective in increasing productivity.

1. Image Building and Maintenance

By having custom made packaging material printed with your company’s logo, you are able to create a strong image for your brand. There are so many companies which have been able to establish their name just by using their logo on their packaging. This is so because it creates an image and maintains it which sets you apart from the competition. There is a lot of difference in selling a product in packaging with logo design compared with the one without logo design. The logo printed on the packaging is a promise of credibility and authenticity and much before you open the packet, you are sure that what is going to come out of the packet is going to be good.

2. Brand Loyalty

Buying a product in a customized packing with logo design always creates a positive feel. It helps in developing and strengthening brand loyalty which in turn increases traffic which in turn increases sales and productivity. With brand loyalty comes customer engagement. People tend to notice those products more which come with customized packaging as they seem more promising and authentic.

3. Marks an Impression

When you sell your products in custom made boxes with printed logo, you are able to say a lot without speaking a single word. This works as a strong impression. With this you make an unsaid promise to your customers of quality and service.

4. Fits Best

When you go with customized packaging, you are able to have the right kind of packaging which fits perfectly with the shape and size of your products. You don’t have to make any kind of compromises in order to fit your product into it and with this you are able to have a perfect look for your product. This is also an important point in creating an attractive appeal with increased customer satisfaction. Remember that a customer is able to read every detail and this detail is effective in creating the impression.

5. Durability

When you have the right fitted box, it promises more durability. This way your product reaches the customer in a good state which leads to customer satisfaction and increased sales. Just with good packaging, you can have your products look fresh.

6. Looks Matter

We cannot deny the fact that looks matter. Therefore, having customized packaging with logo design helps you create a stronger image in the minds of the customer. It is able to create an influential impression which is effective in initiating sales.

7. Marketing

Wherever this custom box with logo design of your company is going to travel, it is going to market your brand at every stage. With each hand it is going to pass, it is going to market your brand. This is a wonderful marketing technique.

So these points explain the importance of custom packaging boxes with logo name. So now you know why they are important for your brand.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Chocolate Boxes

Loved by all age groups, dark chocolates are the most popular and palatable sweets for your staff and valuable clients on festive seasons. Wide ranges of chocolates are available to gratify the taste of your valuable professionals as a mouth-watering treat. By offering these lip-smacking sweets as a thanksgiving gift, you can make important festivities of receivers even more memorable. With a fascinating design in the chocolate boxes, chocolates can easily tempt children and adults. This is one of the cool reasons why India's topmost chocolate manufacturers make labeling and wrapping of boxes so alluring.

Impacts of Chocolate Packaging on Receivers

First of all, brilliant packaging leaves unforgettable impression of your branding in the minds of clients. Basically on important occasions and festivals, chocolates and sweets are the major gift exchange in India. Apart from packaging designs, the art of displaying what's inside really augments the credibility of corporate gifting. Eye-catching, terrific packaging on chocolate boxes also attracts the buyers. Even though they are not in a mood of shopping, one sight is enough to make them buy this. Hence, stimulated packaging style can hypnotize the buyer to buy the product and leave a long-lasting impression on the receivers.

Things to consider for designing gift boxes

If you want to design DIY Gift Boxes for having eatable desserts, make sure they are robust enough to resist heat, abrasion and moisture. Humidity and high temperature are harmful for chocolates as they get melted off and their ingredients are tampered. So, it is important to pay special attention on quality and resilience of material used in chocolate wrapping boxes. This way, you need to include vacuum trays with which the chocolates can be kept fresh and crunchy for a long time and they won't get affected during transportation.

When it comes to shapes & sizes, the chocolate boxes must be so delectable that different sizes of chocolates can be arranged beautifully. Sometimes, you spend a fortune of amount on packaging of these boxes, but they fail to create a phenomenal impression among the target ones. This way, there are countless finishing options available to make chocolate boxes even more attractive. You can make the packaging boxes even more striking with remarkable shapes, base boards, ribbons, cushion pads etc.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The types of take out boxes that you have can be just as important as the dishes you serve them on because customers will notice. Whether you have a large take out business or just want to be able to give someone to go boxes for their leftovers should not play a role in what kind of boxes to buy.

Carry out boxes can come in many different kinds of materials. You will find them in Cardboard, cardboard, foam and even foil. It's important to select the right ones that will showcase the food the best and help with the taste when the customer goes to reheat the food later on. Each one of these materials will impact whether a customer returns to your establishment or not.

Cost will play a role in the carry out boxes, however it shouldn't be the only part of the decision. Styrofoam boxes will be the most cost efficient method. It's important to note that if the food is too hot, though, the styrofoam will melt. The customer will also not be able to see the food through the boxes nor will they be able to reheat their meal directly inside of the foam.

Cardboard is another solution for carry out boxes. Chinese restaurants have shown that this is very effective. Pizza companies will also use cardboard. These are usually very affordable and many people will be able to place these types of boxes into a microwave or oven to heat them. These are only effective when you have the right food boxes. If you have filets of chicken, beef or fish, you aren't going to want to shove them into a cardboard box. The same will go for entrees that have a lot of sauce or soups. You will need to consider some other options.

Aluminum boxes are often available. These make good to go boxes for a lot of food because it is aluminum on the bottom and then a cardboard lid. Many people who get things to go will appreciate this material as well because all of it can be recycled. These will be great for many different entrees including ones that have a lot of sauce. While the aluminum won't be able to go into the microwave, they will go into the oven very well for reheating. The sizes that these are available in will fit almost any of your carry out boxes needs.

Cardboard options are some of the nicer to go boxes that you can purchase for your restaurant. Depending upon the design, you can find them in black, white and clear. Even if you choose to go with a black base, you can find a clear lid. The clear lid is important for a lot of people because they can quickly peer in to make sure that their order is correct before taking it home. The shapes for Cardboard boxes will be available in virtually any design you can think of including octagonal. There are many that are made from recycled materials, too.

Cardboard ones will be the most elegant looking options for your restaurant. It's also important to remember that they won't be able to go into an oven as they will melt. Depending upon the type of Cardboard used, they may or may not go into the microwave. It's crucial to find out before buying the boxes because you don't want the Cardboard to affect the way the food tastes.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

If you are in the business of selling pizzas, then you are going to need some empty pizza boxes to store them in for your customers. Pizza boxes are usually made of cardboard and paper with corrugated and thick cushioning inside. They can usually accommodate the pizza, dressing pack or seasonings as well as the knife and the fork. Pizza delivery places have custom pizza boxes ordered for themselves according to the different sizes of their pizza which also have their logo printed on.

Most of these boxes have corrugations inside that keep the pizza fresh and intact. Cardboard box makers take orders according to the specifications of the client. So if you are going to carry your home made pizza around you too can order these boxes in a bulk according to your own preference. So no matter where your family is, they can enjoy your pizza wherever they go.

You can also buy paper pizza boxes that are plain but these will not keep the pizzas as fresh as they would in corrugated cardboard boxes.

Different flutings in these boxes are available but most of these come in brown and white cardboard boxes meeting the standards of not using too much color in them. White kraft paper is usually the standard quality of paper that is used for making these boxes.

Professionally manufactured pizza boxes are usually standard items that are safe to use and often ordered by households that like to prepare their own pizza and carry them around for special occasions or for meals outdoors. The boxes do not have much difference in their making and are created to traditionally keep the food fresh and in their flavor. So you can be anywhere but experience the similar taste and flavor in them.

If you are looking to buy your own your best option is to have a look around online at Here you will find custom pizza boxes at cheap prices.

Thursday, 4 July 2013
Chocolate Gift Box

Men don't outgrow their sweet tooth. They won't flaunt it but they are crazy about chocolates. If you are shopping for gifts for men who seem to have everything, don't think twice about giving them some gift boxes.

Grown-up boys, pun intended, adore chocolates though their tastes for the sweets have evolved. Your father might have developed a taste for cordials; a box of Belgian chocolate cordials will be a pleasant surprise for Father's Day. The men who love the finer things in life will not blink once they open gift boxes of fine Belgian chocolate sweets.

The best thing about chocolate gift boxes? You don't have to worry about the recipients not liking your gifts. Even those who have to watch their diet will be tempted to have one. If they can't have these chocolates, their loved ones will. Your gift won't stay frozen in the fridge, they'll disappear faster than you can holler chocolates.

With so many treats available, there's no problem selecting one. Men who are crazy about bananas can indulge in frozen chocolate-covered bananas! There are more - orange peels, apricots, kiwi, and pineapple. The Fantasia Confections - a box of hand-made chocolate truffle decadence, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate-covered Oreos, and chocolate peanut clusters are top in the list of men's fantasies.

You can get gift boxes containing assorted flavors, too, if you wish to give a bit of everything for the chocolate-mad gentleman. If you really want to impress them, or if there is someone truly special, let him indulge in chocolate gift towers. You don't have to wait for Valentines Day to give him dark chocolate or sugar free chocolates. Spoil him on ordinary days to make him loved even during the busiest days of the week.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

When it comes to business, you deal with a lot of important documents everyday especially if your business needs shipping of stuffs to clients. Therefore, cardboard packaging boxes of the best quality are preferred for secure shipping. Small business owners also use these kinds of cheap packaging boxes for better storing data for many years.

Make sure you have surplus amount of packaging materials with you all the time. It looks very unprofessional if you cannot deliver your products on time and thus loose potential customers. Sometimes it might happen that you run low in packaging boxes. Do not ruin your status in the market as it will cost you heavy later on for this kind of carelessness.

Search for companies online that can provide you with as many packaging boxes materials as you need at any time you want.  Negotiate the price at your benefit and on cost effectively. Once you sign contact with such a company, you can relief yourself off the headache. If your clients get their delivery in time you will be on the receiving end. You will be able to get ahead of other companies in this tough marketing scenario.

Choosing quality material for packaging comes with a lot other advantages as well. You can store your archive papers in the supplementary boxes you get and retrieve those whenever you need. Strong card board boxes help you in organizing your everyday paper work. This will prevent your office from looking messy, disorganized and will give a good impression on your guests.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Are you facing problems with efficient package delivery? Here are a few tips that may help.

Box: If you are planning on using a corrugated box, choose a box slightly larger than the item to be sent, so that you have enough space to cushion it from getting scratched. In case you have a plan on reusing previous box, keep in mind that you will have to eraser all previous addresses. You can do it by using marker or by simple applying adhesive levels.

Padding: Padding is very important, especially for fragile items. Use bubble wrap, foam, tissue paper or paper for cushioning. If you feel the item is not stable, use some more.

Sealing: Avoid string or cord in sealing as those might get caught in the mail processing equipment. Instead use 2 inch-wide brown or clear shipping tape

Address: Cross check your address and give the zip code (zip code + 4 digits).

Dropping off: You can either drop your packages at the post office or if it weights less than 13 pound, you can drop them in USPS blue collection box.

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